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Blue Umbrella Resorts & Estates

Blue Umbrella Resorts & Estates
Blue Umbrella Resorts & Estates
B.U.R.E or Blue Umbrella Resorts & Estates is not just a hotel or a resort, but a way of life. We are creating and building this Eco Village in a way that really emphases on well being, organic living, nature, purity of the mind, body and soul. Furthermore, B.U.R.E is an oasis of peace, a Lost Paradise where time slows down in this incredibly fast-paced world. We try to give you an immersion into an alternative way of living. It’s a place where one is surrounded by nature and animals, as well as modern houses and facilities. We call this “ESTATE LIVING”

In Estate Living, you can expect a unique duality between country living and a cosmopolitan suburban lifestyle. It’s an ideal arena for a healthy, wholesome lifestyle, with a multitude of facilities offering a safe, family-friendly environment.

This secure, 300 -acre estate includes a game reserve stocked with several species of antelope, deer, colourful birds etc. Ideally located in the upmarket suburbs of Lansdowne, it is a 20-minute drive from cantonment making The Hills a true bushel experience with all the conveniences of modern day luxury.

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