Digital Marketing is now evolving rapidly every day. Digital Marketing has settled well in almost all major industries, has become a major source of marketing product and services online. Digital Marketing has overcome the power of traditional marketing techniques and now its been used in almost every industry like Food, travel, healthcare, IT.

How Digital Marketing is Affecting Healthcare Industry:

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Those businesses who use search engine marketing along with social media marketing get more business then there competitors. Digital Marketing helps businesses to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines which leads in getting better visitors. Better google ranking means better visibility to potential customers.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is yet another main strength of digital marketing which has gained exposure. Social media marketing helps in keeping regular updates of your business to reach customers and give them new offers and services.
  3. Email Marketing: By Email Marketing, we mean dropping an email to the people by providing them with some offer or making awareness about some disease or by providing hospital details.

Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry - Digiyug

How Digital Marketing used in the Healthcare Industry:

In the future of the healthcare industry, there are many recent additions with a mix of products and services to help doctor, physician or pharma company.

Local SEO –– local SEO has replaced our Yellow Pages. This search-based methodology of finding local businesses is especially important for doctors and physicians to locate the clinic/hospital.  People can easily find the location/contact details and address of clinic and hospital easily through search engines.

Online Payment Acceptance: Through online payment, doctors can accept payment from anywhere in the world. They just to provide the account no. and within a few minutes, they can get the fees from the patients.

Online Selling of medicine: It has been so easy to sell medicines online just by seeing the prescription of the patients. Doctors can courier the medicine and take advance payment as well for the same

360-Degree Photos and Video Tours –– Just Imagine being able to experience a 360-degree tour of your office along with photos and videos to any of the patient/Guardian.  Hospitals/clinics owners can generate a 360-degree view of their clinic/hospitals by using apps like Street View or Google Camera and then can share with patients.

Live Stream Videos –– Doctors and now communicate with their patients while sitting away from them by using live video stream and in fact can share their live videos on social media platforms.


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Reasons you should do Social Media Marketing - Digiyug

Nowadays social media has become one of the most important elements of digital marketing. Social Media Marketing provides magnificent benefits that help businesses to reach millions of online customers worldwide. If You are not using social media marketing then you are missing a very important marketing opportunity as it makes it very easy to reach your customers and spread your business all over the world

Reasons you should do Social Media Marketing

Improved brand awareness among people

If you are searching for stress-free ad profitable marketing platform to spread your business worldwide then social media marketing is the best solution for your problem To get started, create your social media accounts handles for your business to apply social media strategies to increase your business/brand recognition.  You can create a page on facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Instagram, g+ etc to increase your brand visibility.

It’s Cost-effective

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective way to advertise your brand nowadays. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc offer free account opening option for everyone. But if you are thinking of going for paid marketing then start with spending less amount so that you can visualize how it is working. Just by spending little money you can increase conversion rates of your business

Engage with your customers

Social media marketing helps you to interact and engage with online customers, the more you communicate with the audience the more your brand name will be spread. To Spread your brand you should follow a two-way communication medium so that you can know your customers well. As communication is a great way of taking the attention of the audiences so that your brand can reach more customers online.

It Improves brand loyalty

When you have social media online presence, you make it very easy for your customer to find you and connect with you through different social media platforms and also it helps in gaining customer’s loyalty and retention. Social media not only promote brands but also helps in gaining loyal customers for your brand

Healthy customer satisfaction

With the help of different social media platforms, you can create a good image of your company/brand. Customers really appreciate, when they receive a reply on their comment that they have given on your post. That helps to gain the confidence of your customers and helps in retaining customers for the longer period of time

Increased traffic

If you are looking for increasing your website traffic then you social media platforms really helps in increasing website traffic. By posting/sharing your content on social media platforms, you are giving the audience a reason to click through your website. So if you want to increase website traffic you should share that content in which everybody is interested

Enhances SEO rankings

Social media presence has become an important factor in calculating the ranking of the website.  Social media marketing is equally important as compared to SEO. so, if you are just posting blogs on the website and not sharing on social media platform then you might be failing in getting traffic on the website.

Digiyug - How to recover hacked WordPress website

WordPress is the most popular CMS nowadays because of this, WordPress websites are getting hacked more than other websites. But one should have a habit of taking backups and keep an eye on your website on a daily basis so that you can track, that when your website got hacked and then you can restore your backups.

Apart from taking backups your website, you should do steps to secure it initially only as hackers always find one or the other way of getting into your file structure.

It’s important to secure your website initially to avoid any future attacks. But now when your website has been hacked or you are unable to view your website, you can follow these steps

Step 1 – Locate The Error

You can locate error by following means :

  • Unable to log into your WordPress Admin Panel (
  • Your website is redirecting to different URL
  • Google has marked your website insecure [RED SCREEN]

Step 2- Contact your hosting service provider

Many of the hosting service providers provide support for your hacked website but if you have bought cheap hosting services then they do not provide any support for this kind of errors.

Hosting service providers will perform a security check on your website and will notify you if your website has been hacked or not.

But before making any changes to the website, Contact them !!

Step 3: Restore your backup

If you have a habit of taking backup of your website, then you can restore it to the previous version.

After you have restored your old backup, remember this that it is already vulnerable to attacks. At that time perform the security points to your website to avoid malicious attacks again.


Step 4: Change your login credentials

Now that you have restored your backup, changes your login credentials immediately so that your website doesn’t get hacked again.


Step 5 : Install security plugins

There are many security plugins available online, but best is Sucuri Security wordpress plugin to secure your website from further attacks

What is Denial-of-Service Attacks?

Denial of service attack is a cyber attack in which hackers attack the server/website/computer system/network which prevents the users from accessing the data available

Denial-of-service-attacks usually flood servers/networks with lots of traffic in order to affect user and makes it difficult for them to access. Moreover, an attack that crashes the server/network can be dealt with rebooting the system/network. But Flooding attacks are difficult to recover

The following can be indicated as DOS attacks as well :

  • Degradation in the performance of networks, especially when you try to open some files on website/network
  • Unable to reach a particular website/network
  • Spam emails increase unexpectedly

Experts from cybersecurity world recommend no. of strategies for companies to defend the Denial-of-service Attack. One should always take measures to protect the system/network well in advance, to avoid any loss of data or leakage of information

How do a DOS Attacks work?

The main focus of DOS attacks is to overdose the capacity of targeted machine/server, resulting in Denial-of-service to an extent.

DOS Attacks typically falls into 2 Categories :

Butterfly overflow Attacks: In this type of attacks the memory buffer overflow an lead to machine consuming all the available hard disk space, memory or CPU Usage. This form of attacks usually results in a system crash, unusual server behaviors or slow-moving server which results in denial-of-service.

Flood Attacks: Attackers can over saturate the servers, by passing a large number of packets which results in oversaturation of the server capacity. In order to flood the server, the attackers should have more available bandwidth than their target bandwidth

Types of DoS attacks

Distributed DoS

A Distributed DOS attack is a huge attack where the attacker uses more than one IP address, This leads to flooding of incoming traffic into servers and it becomes impossible to stop the attack. It also makes it very difficult to judge the authorized user traffic from the attack traffic

Application layer attack

An application layer Distributed Denial-of-service attack also known as Layer 7 DDoS Attack. In this, the attackers attack the application layers of the processes. The attackers attack the specific function or feature of the system with an intention to disable the working of those features/functions.

Advanced Persistent DoS

Advanced Persistent Denial-of-Services, is done by attackers who are well trained and well resourced and access to all computer guides and resources. This attack, attackers represents a threat that needs specialized monitoring and incident response services.

Denial-of-service as a service

Some of the service providers provide “booter” or “stresser” services, which are having web-based front-ends, and can accept payments online. Sold as stress-testing tools, they can be used as unauthorized denial-of-service attacks and allows hackers to access sensitive tools/information without the need for technical knowledge.

What is Block Chain?

People usually connect Block Chain with Bitcoin, but the fact is Block Chain is a technology and Bitcoin is a Crypto currency. Crypto currencies are using Block Chain Technology to come into existence and grow its usage.

Block Chain actually has given a solution to a problem. People think it’s a product, software or hardware… Of course they are supporting ingredients to make Block Chain work. But my recommendation is to treat Block Chain as a Technology Solution that’s makes decentralized process possible.

Block Chain will change the way Organizations work.

Block Chain is the only solution to moving Organizations and Industries from a Centralized system to one that is Decentralized in order to bring Trust, Integrity & Security.

Cyber Security

Let’s take an example of an online virus attack – whenever the world faces online virus attack, within a very small span of time, the whole internet faces problems.

In this scenario most of the antivirus companies start marketing their product, saying that they have the patch or solution upgrade, which can secure your computer.

How can Block Chain solve this problem? There are many solutions that come up around the world at the same time. Hence we can start punching these patches with the help of Block Chain and within a very small span of time, the whole world will be updated with a perfect security patch.

Hence this problem can be solved by decentralizing the update for antivirus and the perfect solution will be delivered at very low cost.


Now-a-day’s countries follow a voting system that uses electronic voting machines. These voting machines have now come into the radar of being hacked. This has happened because voting is centralized. If countries use voting systems with the help of Block Chain, then there is absolutely no chance of hacking, because this will take support of decentralized mechanism.

 Media & News

We are experiencing fake news on many platforms of social media … This fake news harms society, people, community etc… Block Chain can solve this problem. Before sharing any news, if every media checks the news index provided by Block Chain, then fake news can be suppressed within minutes, and true news will keep on getting high index and will be validated.

Moreover this can help society vice versa i.e., most of the governments suppress news for their vested interests but after successful indexing of news via Block Chain, this problem will also be solved.

Legal Industry

The biggest problem in the Legal Industry is that it has many areas, like security of documents, forensics… etc. Over a period of time, Legal Industry is the domain and this has been in news. Block Chain can solve the problem of making it centralized to decentralized.

 Real Estate Registration

When a person buys a home, there are three parties involved – (a) Buyer (b) Seller (c) Registrar.

Whenever this deal takes place, papers are made and are registered with a centralized registrar which could be any Government Department. But Block Chain will solve this problem by making the centralized control to a decentralized one, hence making it more transparent, secure & cheap.

Money Transfer

In order to send money across borders, three parties are involved, i.e., Sender, Receiver and Company (Bank). In This case you will register a deal at the Bank or Company’s Server which is centralized… and they charge huge commissions on this transfer. Block Chain makes it secure, simple and even free of charge.


Let’s talk about the Healthcare Industry. There is a big need to keep health records universal and secure. This can be achieved by using Block Chain Technology, again making it decentralized from centralized.

 Some of the below industries will also get affected by the new process implementation in future Education , IPR Industry, TelecomShare Markets, Genetics, Medical Research, Space etc.

(Note: “Centralized” – This is The word hated by Block Chain … That’s why the concept of Block Chain came into existence. Block Chain is De-centralized, that means many registrars and once the deal is finalized, every registrar updates their register and shakes hand. Please note – This Deal can’t be changed at all…By anything! Once punched, its registered..! This is Actually the Beauty of the Block Chain Concept.

This actually has solved the problem and the trust has increased….Business will become simpler, less expensive, cross border)

 How does BITCOIN support the BLOCK CHAIN Concept?

Bitcoin is a crypto currency and it was in existence, but was finding its way to spread all around. It took the help of Block Chain to make it robust and go on … proved history.

 What is Crypto Currency?

It’s a Digital form of Currency which has some value attached it.

Types of Crypto Currencies?

After success of BITCOIN, there is a wave of crypto currencies in the world, some of being Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), DASH, RIPPLE(XRP), Monero (XMR), Peercoin, Namecoin…

A more interesting fact is that the internet has come up with a new Crypto Currency Exchange also, which keeps giving live information regarding Market Capitalization, Exchange Price in ($), Supply, Volume  etc  and it’s Live..!

Who are Miners?

Mining is the process of solving some mathematical problem.

Cloud Mining or Cloud Hashing enables users to purchase mining capacity of hardware in datacenters.

Bitcoin cloud mining enables people to earn Bitcoins without managing hardware, software, electricity, bandwidth or other offline issues.

Hence all Bitcoin mining is done remotely online.

What is wallet?

Its a software which can be installed on computer or mobile. Functionality of the wallet is to store, send and receive digital currency.

Most of the crypto currencies have their own wallet. We can use third-party wallets for this also.

Wallet actually acts as a personal ledger for all transactions.

Security of the wallet depends upon the source of the wallet developing company. It is always recommended to download from known sources.

Every Wallet will give you a key to access as a user. You should never forget or lose that key. If you lose that key, then you will lose your coins also.

Types of Crypto Currency Wallets:

Crypto currency wallets are available in different forms. We have Desktop Software Wallet, Mobile App Wallet, Online Wallet, Hardware Wallet, Paper Wallet etc

WordPress security is a main focus area for website owners. Every week, Google blacklists around 20,000 or more websites for malware and phishing.

If your serious about your business and website, then you should focus on how to secure your worpdress website.

Here are the steps you should follow to secure your website :

Keeping WordPress Updated: WordPress is regularly maintained and updated by their team. By default, WordPress automatically installs minor/small updates. But For major releases, you need to manually update the wordpress. And you should regularly update your website to prevent it from hackers.

Strong Passwords and User Permissions: Hackers first attempt is through stolen passwords. Always use strong passwords using password generator to protect your website from hackers. Not just for WordPress admin password, but also for FTP, database password, WordPress hosting account ect, and your professional email address as well.

Change the Default “admin” username : Always change the default WordPress admin username was “admin” to something related to your project or something you can easily remember which will help you to secure your website.

Disable File Editing : Once you are done with completion of your project, then disable file editing so that hackers cannot modify your website if by chance the are able to login to website .You can easily do this just by adding the following code in your wp-config.php

// Disallow file edit
define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

Limit Login Attempts : By default wordpress allow users to attempt login as many as times they want. But you can limit the login attempts to prevent brute force attack by hackers. There are many plugins available to restrict the login attempts.

Change WordPress Database Prefix: By default, WordPress uses wp_ as the prefix for all tables in your database, which makes it easier for hackers to guess what your table name is. This is why we recommend changing it before you start your project.

Security Measures to Protect Servers and Data from Hackers

There are many security measures to protect servers and data from hackers but to choose the right one is the most important. Especially when you start a business website whether it’s an e-commerce website or a static website, a secured server is a primary concern of everyone.
To run a fully functional application/website, your server should be secure enough to handle the traffic. helps you protect your server in following ways :

  • Update your kernel and OS :

    Make sure the server you are using, is having current and updated softwares. Always Use the stable version which has been tested more than any beta version available. An old kernel can lead to an easy target for virus, that can harm your server.

  • Monitor Logs :

    Do you have any clue what are log records ? How often are they updated and rotated? LogWatch is a tool, which will email you all the daily reports of your server’s activities that includes anything it determines unusual, eg: repeated failed logins. You should also manually check the logs to keep an eye.

  • Backups :

    People spend hundreds of hours on website but usually forget to take backups which is the most important thing.There are two ways you can save your data :CyberLaws - Manage wordpress backups from plugins

    • Manual Backup : You can use a seperate hard disk for keeping your data secure or you can keep your application/website data on remote system and should regularly keep a check on the backup.
    • WordPress website : If your are using wordpress CMS then you can install following plugins to take automatic backups
      ⦁ BackupBuddy
      ⦁ UpdraftPlus
      ⦁ BackWPUp
      ⦁ BackUpWordPress

    For more wordpress security tips

  • Limit Access to a Minimum :

    Never give more access to your user, than they require.Never give them access to shell, restrict file access to a minimum and leave other services turned off by default until requested, and if your are doing through wordpress then you can use free plugins to limit access to your website. Restricted Site AccessCyberLaws - Limit login access plugin for wordpress

  • Lock down the PHP versions and use Mod_Security with Apache :

    PHP, a server scripting language is always at large security risk, but there are a few steps to do that helps lock it down. CGI has Suexec,which helps to runs processes as the user,and PHP has something similar called PHPSuexec but with downfalls. You should always use open_base directory protection, have safe_mode on system wide, turn off register_globals, enable_dl and allow_url_open to help lock things down.

  • Review Processes Running and Remove Extra Software :

    You can’t protect a system until and unless you don’t know what’s on it. If a hacker adds a script or an extra process, then you will not be able to identify why your server is not should know what all processes are running on your system and who all users are there.cyberlaws-server and data security measures

  • Use a Firewall :

    You should always make sure the your server has firewall running all the time. A firewall is like a screen door to your house. If someone tries to get into your server, which is very likely to happen anytime, the first thing they’re going to try is, to upload something unusual stuff or their own service like redirecting to some other server. A firewalls can stop both incoming and outgoing attacks/viruses even when you’re are sleeping. We would recommend using APF on Linux systems or TinyFirewall on Windows Servers.

A. When and How much TDS should we deduct???


TDS deduction on transfer of certain immovable property other than agricultural land.

Any buyer, responsible for paying, to a resident seller, any sum by way of consideration for transfer/sale of any immovable property (other than agricultural land), shall, at the time of credit of such sum to the account of the transferor (Seller) or at the time of payment of such sum in cash or by issue of a cheque or draft or by any other mode, whichever is earlier, deduct an amount equal to one per cent of such sum as TDS thereon, where the consideration for the transfer of an immovable property is more than fifty lakh rupees.

B. When and How much TDS should we deduct???



Visit to TIN NSDL website​ ( ), the following window will be display: ​

Click on Service tab and search for “TDS on Sale of Property”, the following window will be display:

Click on “TDS on Sale of Property”, the following window will be open:

Under ‘TDS on sale of property’, click on “Online form for furnishing TDS on property (Form 26QB)”, the following window will be display:

Select the Form 26QC “Payment of TDS on Rent of Property” form as given will be open:

Fill the complete form as applicable, the main part of the information will be asked as given below:

  •      PAN of the seller & buyer
  •      Communication details of seller & buyer (Address, Phone No., Email ID etc.)
  •      Property details (Property type, address, consideration, date of credit/payment etc.)
  •      Amount paid/credited & tax deposit details

Submit the duly filled form to proceed. ​A confirmation screen appears. After confirming, a screen appears showing two buttons as “Print Form 26QB” and “Submit to the bank”. A unique acknowledgement number is also displayed on the screen. It is advisable to save this acknowledgment number for future use.

​​Click on “Print Form 26QB” to print the form. Then click on “Submit to the bank” to make the required payment online through internet banking. Then proceed to the payment page through internet banking facility of various banks. For list of authorized banks are as under:

On successful payment a challan counterfoil will be displayed containing CIN, payment details and bank name through which e-payment has been made. This counterfoil is proof of payment​ being made.

Steps to Download TDS Certificate Form 16B:

  • Register & login on TRACES portal ( as taxpayer using your PAN (At least After 5 days of making TDS Payment):

  • Select “Form 16B (For Buyer)” under “Downloads” menu.
  • Enter the details pertaining to the property transaction for which Form 16B is to be requested. Enter the Assessment Year, Acknowledgment Number, PAN of Seller and click on “Proceed”.
  • A confirmation screen will appear. Click on “Submit Request” to proceed.
  • A success message on submission of download request will appear. Please note the request number to search for the download request.
  • Click on “Requested Downloads” to download the requested files.
  • Search for the request with request number. Select the request row and click on “HTTP download” button. ​​​​​

For further clarification write Email on


(CA. Pardeep Jain)

The impact of blockchain is no longer a matter of imagination and science fiction. Tech behemoths such as IBM have spent significant resources towards conducting comprehensive studies to understand how vital blockchain can be for healthcare, and dozens of high-octane blockchain startups have set out to revolutionize the healthcare space for the better.

The intersection of blockchain, tokenization, and smart contracts with the healthcare industry paves the way for new and highly innovative solutions to solve problems that have been festering for decades.

The startups in this article are utilizing the above technologies to fight dangerous and rampant global pharmaceutical counterfeiting, streamline the transmission and storage of medical records, and even create long-term incentivization-based loyalty programs for dental communities.

1. Fighting Fake Pharma with MediLedger

The pharmaceutical industry has been slowly bleeding out to the tune of $75 billion every year due to counterfeit drugs. With over 100,000 deaths worldwide directly linked to the use of these counterfeit drugs, fake pharma not only poses a global threat to corporate innovation but also to thousands of people unknowingly taking drugs that may end up killing them.

The fake pharma problem doesn’t show any signs of slowing down; experts estimate that an investment of $1000 in a counterfeit prescription drug operation could result in a $30,000 return – nearly ten times the profit of trafficking heroin. To spice up the deal for pharma bootleggers, the criminal penalties for selling counterfeit medications are far less than dealing their more illegal and nefarious cousins, making the profit margins higher and the risks lower.

The rise of internet pharmacies has also made it incredibly difficult for authorities to keep up with the tracking and verification of billions of pills shipped out every year. United States consumers are largely oblivious to the dangers of purchasing drugs online, as an estimated 36 million Americans have been able to buy drugs online without a valid prescription. Stricter regulatory supervision would require a technological asset to help track supply chains at scale.

That’s where MediLedger comes in. MediLedger is an open and decentralized network for the pharmaceutical supply chain. Blockchain has long been praised for its supply chain applications, and it has already been used broadly in large shipping networks that share similar logistical concerns as the pharmaceutical industry.

Using a project such as MediLedger allows pharmacists and patients to verify the legitimacy of their drugs, and even see minute details such as the date and manufacturing details for each order. MediLedger utilizes features such as compliance, track, trace, and security protocols to create a cost-effective GS1-compliant verification system for pharmaceutical companies. Regulators are also able to use the MediLedger platform to obtain crucial information whenever needed.

2. Decreasing the Patient’s Need for Patience with MedicalChain

Medical records create several cumbersome responsibilities for doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and patients, particularly for maintenance and storage.

Medicalchain utilizes blockchain to securely store and maintain health records in a single location, allowing for different organizations such as doctor offices, hospitals, pharmacists, laboratories, and pharmacists to request permission to access each patient’s record.

Each patient would essentially be assigned a unique blockchain fingerprint that verifies their identity and provides them will full access and control over their data. Patients will be able to grant different levels of access to various users by setting access permissions and designating who is able to write data to their blockchain.

This feature is particularly notable in the context of the emerging trend of telemedicine, or the online consultation between doctors and patients using a webcam. Medicalchain would make it possible for patients to grant their digital doctor access to their records, ultimately leading to more in-depth consultations.

Maintaining medical records on the Medicalchainblockchain would not only offer higher degrees of flexibility in treatment, but is also much less expensive than current methods.

3. Incentivizing Patient Responsibility with Dentacoin

Although it might not be your typical healthcare startup, Dentacoin showcases a unique consumer-facing application of blockchain and smart contracts.

For many people, going to the dentist is an experience forced by circumstance rather than preventative care, and procedures such as root canals can be very expensive and painful. $440 billion is spent on dental treatment globally every year, and according to the American Dental Association, 90% of these expenses can be avoided if patients visit a dentist at least three times a year for early preventative treatments and checkups, while also establishing healthier dental habits like flossing and better nutrition.

Dentacoin removes the need for big insurance companies acting as intermediaries via smart contracts that link patients directly with dentists.

Essentially, each smart contract encourages patients to take control of their preemptive dental care such as flossing, proper nutrition, and routine check-ups with dentists. Additionally, patients can earn rewards by providing accurate reviews for each visit to help increase the overall quality of the dental community. Since these reviews are stored on the blockchain, they’re immutable and can’t be manipulated.

Dentists are incentivized to ensure long-term dental success for each patient using the Dentacoin network and are rewarded in small monthly contributions of the Dentacoin token, which can later be sold for fiat currency on a variety of exchanges.

Since its launch on August 17th, 2017, there are over 4093 dentists using the Dentacoin platform.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain enables a fundamental increase in the technological capabilities of multiple sectors that focus on the well-being and longevity of the human population. The startups listed above are not only showcasing how this new technology can impact such a critical industry such as healthcare, but they’re also paving the way for countless future startups and applications.

** Original article from SingleCare.

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